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Anthony (Tony) C. La Russo, BA, MBA, CMA

Consultant and Lecturer

Tony has over 30 years of experience in industrial and service organizations. Over the course of his career he has held senior level management, operating and staff positions, including as President of companies with annual sales more than $500 million, consisting of domestic and international facilities. Tony has also held senior level positions in finance, planning and business development, as well as being a Board member for start-up companies. Prior to retiring, during 2003, he was the President of a major division in an international company. During his career, he successfully negotiated business transactions on six continents.

Tony was an Adjunct Professor of Management for 20 years and has written numerous articles on a variety of business topics. He is a member of several professional organizations, has spoken at annual meetings and programs at universities, and served as an officer in trade associations. He has been recognized by several organizations for his teaching and lecturing accomplishments. Tony also has had two books published: Management: Ready Aim Fire (2005) and Practical Financial Decision Making (2011). His biography is included in several publications by Who’s Who and has recently been given their Lifetime Achievement Award.

In addition, since retiring from full-time employment, he has lectured throughout the U.S., including at major corporations, and conducted consulting activities. Tony has developed and written courses and webinars covering topics in finance, accounting and management, was a reviewer for a new book and authored an article How to Avoid Tunnel Vision.